Homematic Binding not working when Homematic and OpenHab are started at the same time

Hi folks

From time to time we have a power down at our house. Grandma sometimes tries old electronic devices and the FI flies off right away :smirk:

In all of these moments, when I switch power on my home automation starts to boot again.

I have two raspberry pies, one setup with the newest OpenHab 2.5 and one with the newest Homematic CCU3.

Both are powered over ethernet (PoE) so they really start at the same time when my PoE Switch starts to operate again.

I can reproduce the behavior that whenever this happens, OpenHab tells me that the Homematic Bridge is online (so are the bound components), but I do not receive any status updates from the Homematic CCU, such as Switch buttons, updates from my thermostats or anything alike. I do receive those updates in Homematic CCU, ie. I see the events change the item states over there, but OpenHab does not receive them.

Before I turn on debugging and all of this, IS there someone out there that has experienced the same behavior? What are possible workarounds? What might be the issue?

Best Bechte

Hi Stefan,

I have a similar setup, with a CCU2 emulation on a separate Pi. While I don’t really experience any power outages I do realise that the CCU2 Pi does take longer to start after a reboot that the OH2 Pi. Usually this means though, that the CCU2 doesn’t show as online in OH, but does get registered after the reconnection once the CCU2 has fully booted up. Maybe this wait time is necessary for your setup as well?!?

Since the CCU3 seems to be showing as online for you from the start, but not the status of the Homematic things, did you ever try, either manually with a switch or automatically with a timer after a certain period after a restart of OH2, to reload the datapoints?


I sometimes use this to manually reload the Homematic item states after such a reboot scenario, when not all of them are showing up immediately.

All the best.