Homematic Binding


I try to connect my Homematic thermostat to Openhab, but run in some difficulties. I have my HM-CC-RT-DN as a thing, but when I try to set for example the temperature as an item it would not let me do it. Instead of just “Set Temerature“ it is written “#4Set Temperature“ in the list with the result that I can not select it.

Can someoneplease give me a hint?


Click on the thing
Select a channel
Create item with a name that you can use: Bedroom_RadiatorThermostat_CurrentTemperature

Openhab does not give me this possibility. Only chanels without a # infront of the chanel name are selectable.

I just wonder why this is the case


You can not select these channels?
Homematic binding bug?
Have a look on github if there is an issue

Did you restart openHAB after the installation of the binding? This should not be necessary but sometimes it helps.

If it does not help, please give us some more information about your installation (binding version, is it a CCU or Homegear …)


restart did help. I just wonder why. I remember in my first installation of openhab it was not necessary to do so. I connected some more Homematic equipment and this behaviour is on my Installation reproducible.

But anyway now it is OK.


I know this problem. Maybe some sort of timing issue. Most of the restart is not necessary but sometimes you need to restart. I did not detect any system :slight_smile: