Homematic - Channel not found for datapoint

Hey there,
since Saturday the homematic-binding seems to have problems with the signals of some devices.
Here´s the TRACE-log:

14:50:04.007 [TRACE] [nicator.server.BinRpcCallbackHandler] - Event BinRpcMessage: system.multicall()

14:50:04.010 [DEBUG] [ternal.communicator.HomematicGateway] - Received new (Integer) value ‘-71’ for ‘NEQ0399144:0#RSSI_DEVICE’ from gateway with id 'b70f309a’
14:50:04.014 [TRACE] [ng.homematic.converter.TypeConverter] - Converting INTEGER value ‘-71’ with DecimalTypeConverter for 'NEQ0399144:0#RSSI_DEVICE’
14:50:04.022 [WARN ] [ematic.handler.HomematicThingHandler] - Channel not found for datapoint ‘NEQ0399144:0#RSSI’

I would guess that the problem is, that the ThingHandler looks for a #RSSI and gets an #RSSI-DEVICE.

Did you change something in your OH installation or the CCI firmware? There is a new OH snapshot available since this weekend where the RSSI handling has been modified.
Mabe it helps to remove the thing for this Homematic component, start a new discovery and then add it again.

Yes, i updated OH, but removing and reconnecting of the things worked - no more disturbing log entries.