Homematic Device Not Receiving Updates


since a few days my Homematic devices don’t get updates in OH3.

After changing my radio module and rebooting the PI, all Homematic things were showing empty pages (no channels, no properties, nothing). I removed the existing bridge and added a new one, assigned the new bridge to all items and at first everything seemed to work again.

Then I noticed, that the Homematic items only get values after booting, or if I disable and re-enable the bridge. Since all items are shown online and get the correct values if I disable and re-enable them I don’t think this is related to the CCU communication.

I also tried clearing the Openhab cache. No errors in the log, temperature sensors just always keep the same temperature, and button presses of remote controls don’t result trigger any events.

Any ideas what might be wrong?



I removed the existing bridge and added a new one

is the new one taken from the inbox? Try to find a new bridge in the inbox. Let you show the hidden things, too. Take the eq3app… thing from the inbox. Stop all other homematic bridges and look witch homematic things are online. Connect a thing to the new bridge and test the function. Then connect all the other things. Now you can delete the wrong bridges, but you have to activate it before.
I did so and my problem was gone :grinning:

If the item states are only updated after a reboot then it is probably a problem of the firewall (on OH side) or the binding sends a wrong a wrong IP address to the ccu.

Can you give us some more information? If your OH installation e.g. is running in a docker container than you should explicitly set the callback address in the bridge configuration.

I found the issue. For some reason, the channel ids are not updated accordingly if the bridge changes in Openhab. All channels are still referencing the old CCU. I can solve this issue by removing all the old things and re-adding them, which is a tedious task though. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I am not sure whether it can be solved by the binding or whether it is a problem in openhab-core.

You can fix the wrong ids by replacing them in the files in jsondb.

You dont have to remove the old things. When you not connect your things to the correct bridge you will never get a clean system. At every new scan you will get double entrys. I tested it. Do what I write and all is good.

Hi Ralf,

all things are connected to the correct bridge. I don’T get new items at every new scan. The item discovery does not show any new devices, the existing ones are connected to the right devices, but updating the bridge did not change the channel ids. So all my things are online, but with the old channel ids that are not updated by changing the bridge I don’t get any updates via the channels.

So there are two solutions:

  • Remove the old thing, scan for them again and re-add them (this is tideous because you have to link all your items to the channels again)
  • Update the channel ids manually in the jsondb which fixes the issue for all times.

As Martin mentioned, it’s either a bug in the Homematic Binding or in openhab-core.

OK, I had items witch where connected to deleted bridges. Connecting to the right bridge and delete wrong connections in the items, was the goal.
When it is running it is fine.