Homematic direct HmIP-RFUSB Stick Binding (not via CCU)


on ELV I found a Homematic Stick.
Is there any change that there is a openHab Binding for that USB Stick, so I do not need to buy the CCU3?


ELV Homematic IP ARR-Bausatz RF-USB-Stick für alternative Steuerungsplattformen HmIP-RFUSB, für Smart Home / Hausautomation

The stick looks like the homematic usb Stick. I have used this stick with hmcfgusb and homegear on rpi with openhab. Was ok for me.

Hello can someone help me. I also have the HmIP-RFUSB stick. Unfortunately I don’t get any further. In the instructions you have to flash a firmware on the USB stick first. I just can’t find the tool for it. Which firmware do you need for this?
ELV only forwards it to one Github page. This is referred to another Github project for OpenHab. Which is now no longer recommended.
I am using Openhabian openHAB 3.0.1.
The stick can be found via the console.
I am new, but can already read / write Zigbee, Enocean and Modbus_TCP devices.

Does anyone have the USB stick already running?