Homematic display-remote supported?

Dear all,

I am currently thinking about switching from fhem to openHAB, since I am way more into Java generally and the rules DSL of openHAB seems a lot more intuitive to me.
I am currently using a busware CUL for HomeMatic, so I understand that I would need to install homegear as a bridge between HomeMatic and openHAB.

However, I am wondering if my display remote (HM-RC-Dis-H-x-EU) is supported, I am especially interested in configuring texts.

There is this thread about the ePaper switch Homematic: StatusDisplay HM-Dis-EP-WM55 supported?
which leaves it quite open to me.

However, this page https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/homematic/

only talks about the two display wall switches (HM-Dis-WM55 and HM-Dis-EP-WM55). I am wondering here if / to what it extent it would be possible to send texts to these automatically.

I have got a HM-Dis-EP-WM55. In order to send a text to the device you have to write a rule. Here is an example: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/homematic/#display-submit-only-hm-dis-wm55-and-hm-dis-ep-wm55

Thanks for your answer, but is also possible to update the display’s texts unsolicited, i.e. without any action from the user on the display? So, for example, regarding the rule you have linked, the “when” part would not be an action carried out, but, lets say, something like:

rule "Display Test"
    time is 3 pm
    Display_line_1.sendCommand("Please take")
    Display_line_3.sendCommand("your medicine")


Yes, that’s possible.

You can use cron expression: https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/rules-dsl.html#time-based-triggers