Homematic Duty cycle


I am using openhab with a lot of homematic components (65). The duty cycle as shown in the homematic web interface has always been quite high (>50%) however in the last days it increased significantly. Now I am at values of 70% and yesterday I even had 99% leading to a break of the installation.

Which parameters in openhab and homematic can I tweak to improve this?


Hello @danst,

what HW is your Homematic running on? And whart Firmware are you using?

I myself have a setup with RaspiMatic on a Raspberry3 with 45devices and my dutycycle is hardly above 10%. When I still had it on a Raspberry2B it was roughly 20%.

But I also do not have too many programms running on my RaspiMatic. Most of the rules are running on my OH2.

Did you check the Homematic forum already? This seems to be more related to your Homematic than to OH.

There is a topic Analyse “DutyCycle CCU” - that’s sounds like a place to start with.