Homematic HG-HM-LC-Sw1-DR issue


I recently installed Homegear and openHAB2 on my RPI. First of all: thanks for putting so much effort into openHAB!

I was then able to pair my Homematic HG-HM-LC-Sw1-DR latching relay to Homegear and it immeadiatly appeared in openHAB. I enabled simple linking mode and a after adding a new thing, I also got some UI to switch the relay on and off.

What doesn’t work is the auto-off time which I configured via Homematic configuration software. If I configured the relay to automatically switch off after e.g. 10 secs, this works both when using the simulate button in the homemataic configuration software and using the normal hardware buttons which were already installed in my home. However, when using the UI toggle within openHAB, the light simply stays on all the time. It’s like openHAB is sending a different command to Homegear.

Any ideas? Can I provide some logs?

Best regards,