Homematic HmIP-FBL doesn't work after firmware upgrade

I’m running OH 4.2.0 on a nuc and a homematic ccu3. After upgrade the firmware of the HmIP-FBL (homematic blinds actor) from 1.8.12 to 1.10.16, they are in offline state.

Does anybody have the same issue or any experience with this behavior, or any idea how it could be troubleshooted?

It still works if controlled via the CCU?

Thanks for you question and ouch, that’s a bit embarrassing for me. I checked the function of homematic and it is not working. I’m using CCU version 3.73.9, a newer firmware is available. Let me search on homematic side, I will come back with a feedback.

Ok, I managed to solve the issue. The cause of the problem was with homematic, rather with the ccu3. After upgrading the ccu3 and factory resets on the actor, I could manage the redescover the actor again. It vanished somewhen after the upgrade to the latest firmware.