Homematic: HmIP-STHD missing Items


currently I am configuring a temperature and humidity device (HmIP-BSM) from Homematic IP. It’s working fine with openHAB but at least the humidity channel is missing:

openHAB offers only these 4 items:

Is there a reason for that or may it be possible to add it in a future version? Furthermore the week program and firmware channels are missing too - but I think they are not as important as the humidity sensor.

openHAB version: 2.5.8

Thank you!

Don’t you get any more additional channels when you click on SHOW MORE at the top right of the channels? At least the Firmware channel is often hidden there. With the humidity channel though I would assume it to be one of the default channels, if it is included.

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You’re absolutely right! I’ sorry… I might need glasses :slight_smile:

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