Homematic / Homegear -> lowbattery state not set in openhab

Hi guys,
I’m currently try to understand why one of my homematic window sensors is not showing the lowbattery information.
I have a couple of them which receive the correct state. Also I can see the the contact and also the reachability is set correctly.
If I query the status through the console the value is NULL.

I also tried with the debug log of openhab. But also there I can see that the state is received.

I’m happy to share any logs if required or maybe just help me to find the right direction to start the investigation.

Best regards

Hi Timmi,

this does sound a lot like the problem I’m having at the moment, just that for you it is (or was) a much less crucial channel and it seems to have appeared from the beginning. Did you ever solve the riddle?