Homematic / Homematic-IP - how to start?

Dear community,

I started dealing with OpenHAB round about a year ago with some weather data and the Fritz DECT 310s. Now I want to extend my setup with sensors (door and window).
I read about homematic and homematic-IP. But the latter is only available via CCU2 as stated in the binding docs. Is that still true? Is there any support of the HM-IP stuff via CCU3 under development?
Maybe a later step would be integrating these wall thermostat.
I read quite a few pages and found Shelly and Aqara. But they don’t provide the thermostat stuff.
What are my alternatives keeping the OpenHAB on a Raspi4 and extending the smart home step by step with a minimum of different systems?


Hi Chris,

I am using a CUL USB stick to control a few roller shutters and heating controls on a Cubietruck system. This uses the “old” Homematic interface, not Homematic IP. This works quite reliably, so I can recommend this kind of setup. The CUL stick is about 50€.


Since the CCU3 is an upgrade to the CCU2 i would say it works as well. What doesn’t work for HmIP is the HmIP-Access Point, which provides simplified functionality.

Hello, I use the Homematic binding with a CCU2. I do have some HM-IP rollershutters within my CCU2 environment. I connected everything to openHAB and have no problem with also controlling the rollershutters.

Hey job, in the binding docs under Homematic - Bindings | openHAB I found that the only suppoerted bridge for HmIP is the CCU2 unfortunately not CCU3. So I guess, that CCU3 as a bridge is not supported from OpenHAB to make use of HmIP.

Hi Martin,

sounds good! But as the HmIP devices are cheapter than the pure Hm I’m looking for a way to make use of them.


Hi @chr15

I do not think so. I would say the documentation is simply outdated, wasn’t updated accordingly since CCU3 was sold.

The RF protocol is different between HM and HmIP, which has nothing to do with the application side protocol the Homematic Binding is using.

So, unless the CCU3 isn’t able to talk to HmIP devices (which would be ridiculous), it will work.

@job as I am a total newbe regarding Homematic stuff I can’t discuss what should be possible or what can’t be possible. From my point of view it would be the only chance to contact someone who actually uses a CCU3 with HmIP or to contact the deveolper of the HM binding.

Does anyone knows how to contact the maintainer of th Homematic binding?
Does anyone use the CCU3 with Homematic-IP devices?

I’m totally new to openHAB, installed OpenHAB 3 on a Raspi whilst having set up a CCU3 with raspberrymatic and several Homematic and Homematic IP devices.
I already added some of those to OpenHAB 3 via the semantic model (if you can say so) and can see their status. I didn’t try to control one of those devices yet, but will probably today or tomorrow and let you know if this works.

I checked some devices:
I was able to switch a homematic switch (HM-ES-PMSw1-Pl)
I was able to set the dimming level on a homematic IP wired dimming actor:

However the values don’t seem to get updated, when changed somewhere else.

I can see the values of a radiator control, but I wasn’t able to change them yet:

Same for a rollershutter from hmIP:

However, I’m not really sure if I use the right channels and whatever as I’m totally new to OpenHAB.
Hopefully it will work, when I figure out how to properly configure it, but I’m doing one step at a time and I have lots of documentary left to read through.

Autodiscovery is working here too for hmip wireless and wired devices [latest RaspberryMatic] @Piffer do you have wired actors for rollershutters? - take definitly care of the right channels, you can damage the controls from raspmatic side…so they probably won’t work when writing to the wrong channel. Will try to include them tomorrow by copy pasting item files from my running oh2.5 instance and report.

Thanks @BratHuhn
my rollershutters are non-wired: HmIP-BROLL

I also use / plan to use:
HMIP-SWDO window contact
HmIP-eTRV-2 radiator control
HmIPW-DRD3 wired dimming actor
HmIPW-DRS8 switching actor

I really hope I didn’t mess up anything already, but so far everything outside OH is still working.
Looking forward to see you channel configuration!

Here an example of my current items with related channels

Rollershutter Dinningroom_Blinds_South “Rolladensteuerung” (gBlinds, ggroundfloor) {channel=“homematic:HmIPW-DRBL4:xxxxxx:xxxxxx:10#LEVEL”}

Rollershutter Dinningroom_Blinds_East “Rolladensteuerung” (gBlinds, ggroundfloor) {channel=“homematic:HmIPW-DRBL4:xxxxxx:xxxxxx:6#LEVEL”}

From Things map always Blind Virtual Receiver based on the numbers described in italic

Rollershutter 000103DRBL4K110LEVEL “Level” {channel=“homematic:HmIPW-DRBL4:xxxxxx:xxxxxx:10#LEVEL”}

Rollershutter 000103DRBL4K16LEVEL “Level” {channel=“homematic:HmIPW-DRBL4:QEQ0407003:00165A49A067E7:6#LEVEL”}

From another post which I can´t find at the moment, probably not here in the community…
The number in the channel name before the # maps to the channels in the Homematic UI. Make sure to use the right channels 1+2, 5+6, 9+10, 13+14.
The control via for example Channel 3# works too for the rollershutter on channel 2# but it sets some value you cant see in the Homematic UI and the rollershutter can’t controlled correctly any more directly via Homematic UI.

Sitemap (OH2.5)

Switch item=Dinningroom_Blinds_South label=“Essen Süd []” mappings=[UP=“Up”,STOP=“Stop”, DOWN=“Down”]

Switch item=Dinningroom_Blinds_East label=“Essen Ost []” mappings=[UP=“Up”,STOP=“Stop”, DOWN=“Down”]