Homematic : how to configure multiple "Thermostats" HM-CC-RT-DN


I’ve installed the Homematic 2.3.0 binding and my OpenHab 2.3 has automatically discovered my CCU2 and all connected Homematic devices .
I’ve imported them all and they now appear under “Things” in PaperUI.

When selecting 1, I can configure it and “link items”.

So I did create the item link for “Current_Temperature”.
I did update, manually, my items and sitemap and I can read the temperature.

But, I’ve 20 of those same devices and Paper UI always proposes the same “link” i.e. “Current_Temperature”!
There is no differenciation between my 20 devices. It’s always “Current_Temperature” and thus…it reports the same t° value for all my devices !

Several questions here:

  • isn’t there any automated way to have the “Current_Temperature” variable incremented ?
    The solution I’ve found is to manually create a new “item” with the correct name “Current_Temperature_ROOM1”.
    As I’m interested in roughly 10 items (mode, humidity, target t°, etc…) I’ll have to update, manually, all those 10 values !!! And this for 20 different devices ?!
    (if I don’t do that all my devices report the same t°, of course)
  • where do I see those “link items” in my cfg files ? There is nothing under “items”…

Summarized: what’s the easiest way to configure 20 x the same device type.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You could create a dummy_item for the temperature.
And a rule, which will send the selected temperature from the dummy_item to all your real devices/things

Tx for your answer.
But I don’t think it could help, check the below.

For my 20 devices I need to:

  • Current_Temperature
  • Control Mode
  • Valve State
  • Battery State
  • lock mode


  • Target_Temperature
  • Control Mode
  • lock mode

The procedure I’m trying to fasten is:

  1. add the device from Paper UI
  2. in Paper UI, “things”, activate those 8 channels and specify a distinctive name for all 8 “linked items” (ex: Current_Temperature_ROOM1, etc…
  3. do the same for the other 19 devices
  4. adapt my .things file with the 20 x 8 channels
  5. adapt my .sitemap with the 20 x 8 channels

Quite time consuming and prone to errors…

Ahh you mean the initial configuration…
Why you have to add the Thing via PaperUI and than change something in the Thing files?
Why you need the PaperUi at all? You can do the whole configuration in the Things/Item/Sitemap file.

Or you just add the Things via PaperUI, get all the ThingID’s from the logs, and add the items in the items file. You could write a small bash script (depending on your codeing skills) to do the work for you.

If you use the VSCode add-on for openHAB you see all things and channels with their IDs and can create item definitions very fast (with some copy/paste). I am working in a similar way and created only the things in Paper UI. Everything else is done in text files.

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Not directly related, but OH2.3 is a bit elderly now.
OH 2.4 for example included features that make it a lot easier to construct rules that can deal with many similar Items. (Like managing multiple thermostats)

It would be great !
What has been introduced in this domain ?

And…would my set-up be “portable” ?

Well, you;ll probably find that in the 2.4 release notes.

It’s been a long time, but I think the 2.3 to 2.4 upgrade path was relatively pain free.

Current release is 2.5.10, but I would not advise trying that in one jump.

I have a OH 2.5.1 installed on my Windows just for testing purposes.

In this version everything is discovered the same but there is no way to modify the “thing” anymore.
I can just link it or not…

I still don’t understant how this is supposed to work…

Ok. I kind of better understand now:

  1. Paper UI : add the “Things”
  2. Paper UI: edit the “Thing” and create “Linked items” for my 10 values
  3. amend the different scripts
  • items
  • sitemap
  • rules
    to match all required values

And it works.

Now the painfull part is: 2) Paper UI: edit the “Thing” and create “Linked items” for my 10 values

Question 1: when doing so through the Paper UI, is there a place where those links are stored and that I could edit ?
Or even backup ?

Question 2: the current “Thing” file is empty. I guess I could use it to manually enter all the Things manually but will it conflict with the aPaper UI created Things ?