Homematic integration with Nuki smart lock

I have door/window sensors with homematic as well as lights and will add an alarm. I am interested to get a smart lock such as NUKI. My intention is to have the alarm turned off once I enter my house by using the NUKI smart lock app. Is it possible with openHAB to send a signal when NUKI unlocks the door so that homematic will turn off alarm and turn on lights?

of course it is! You can have a look for homematic keymatic also - main tech stays the same (battery driven mnotor, which turns your key) - keymatic has the advantage to being homematic! :wink: But of course, there’s no App for opening.
But you need a Nuki Bridge also (either the hardware one - or an Android phone with the Bridge App). I have the Nuki Smartlock and the Nuki Bridge and didn’t test the Bridge App.

So you basically setup Nuki rules, which trigger whatever you like, if the Smartlock changes.

thanks Thomas. the reason I am not convinced in buying the KM is because it lacks certain features in my opinion. For example, as far as I know, it does not have the capability to add users and monitor who used the lock when. For example, renting a holiday apartment would be ideal with tenants using a smartphone app rather than the key. The app can be distributed remotely and it will record usage by tenant. Therefore I find NUKI would be ideal to have a log on tenants and when they entered the apartment. Additionally, NUKI should be able to trigger to homematic to do what needs to be done such as turning alarm off. It does not have to be NUKI, any other similar brand will do.

So what i understand is that NUKI needs a bridge but there has to be some API for the homematic, otherwise I cannot see this working. Or does OpenHAB take care of passing the the smart lock changes to homematic?

Sorry if I sound stupid, but I only have experience with HM no experience with OpenHAB

It’s correct what you said.

without the Bridge, you could perhaps add something via the Bluetooth-binding - but I doubt it as the Nuki Smartlock is protected by encryption.

So: please have a look in the Forum for “Nuki” - at present there’s a beta Nuki-binding (which is at least in my environment not stable).

So, basically read the manual for the API (take the Bridge HTTP-API - I don’t link it here as it changes constantly) and add items accordingly. But first you could give the Binding a shot, perhaps it works for you as is.

PS: Don’t use the IFTTT-API, it’s awfully slow.
PPS: I just saw, there’s a new Bluetooth-API, so what I said on Bluetooth-binding could be proven wrong if there’s a Bluetooth API in place, which you can use without a Nuki bridge - BUT Keep in mind: using Bluetooth with the smartlock directly Drains the battery faster!

Hi Thomas,

thanks you are very helpful. Much appreciated. I will check the forum for NUKI.