Homematic IP + BidCoS on RPi: Which software to use?


I’m not a beginner, but I’m at the beginning of integrating Homematic IP into my existing setup.
I have currently running:
Homematic BidCos Devices
managed by Homegear
and controlled by OpenHAB 2
on a Raspberry Pi 3 with HM-MOD-RPI-PCB

Now I plan to add Homematic IP devices.
Can I just install Raspberrymatic alongside Homegear or replace it with it?
Or do I need another Pi, or a package like Debmatic?

I understood that my HM-MOD-RPI-PCB can stay as it supports HM IP aswell.
Other than that I have tried to find my answer in the internet already, but there are too many configurations and too many solutions, so I am confused now :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if Homegear can do HM IP, why don’t you ask over at the homegear forum ?
But I know I wouldn’t choose HM to extend my home installation when I can choose from all the devices that openHAB supports.

Sorry for hijacking this thread, but I am about switching to HMIP as well, so… @mstormi: Which protocol would you choose for thermostats if you need a fast response?

From my personal experience, there are no reliable Zigbee or Z-Wave (FLIRS) thermostats on the market. The most popular choice is Eurotronic who produce crappy firmware and provide no support. All other companies are proprietary as well.

Do you have a recommendation?

… you should open your own thread.

I’m using pivCCU on the same Raspberry Pi 3 as Openhab and I’m happy with it. I did not yet test it with Homematic IP, but Homematic only. But it would support IP.

Thanks. That sounds promising.
If there’s somebody who can compare pivCCU with Raspberrymatic or Debmatic, I’d also be interested to hear their opinion.

I forgot to mention that I already found out that Homegear does not support HmIP.
Now you’ve made not only Tobi77, but also me curious: Why no Homematic and what’s your best bet for an alternative which has a broad pallette of device types?

I didn’t say I have an alternative to offer, but I’m absolutely no fan of proprietary equipment because of the associated risk when you make yourself dependent on one company’s goodwill.
eQ-3 has just impressively proven how to affront people by stopping the MAX! line of devices when they realized people were buying that instead of HM because OSS solutions like OH made them a viable general purpose choice.
Just to take them to the cleaner’s by “offering” a HM replacement. Means: you are allowed to pay about the same amount of money you have already paid once just to have your system continue to work (well ok that cube crap never worked well, but the thermostats were fine).
And now that they didn’t manage to build a meshed RF system they went IP instead, now begging for all the botnets out there to give 'em a try. Thanks but no thanks.
Get a standards based system, ZWave or ZigBee, to have alternatives. Season’s greetings go to Nest, too.

As the discussion on alternatives seems to interest several people, I opened a thread here:

In a nutshell: I was not able to find a reliable OSS solution, but please join the discussion.

@mstormi Not sure I got your comment on Nest right…?

I read Google/Apple/Zigbee etc. (CHIP consortium) are about to establish a new open standard called THREAD. Nest Mini and Apple Homebridge already support it.

So it’s driven by the essence of proprietary data collectors, bit seems to be an open standard.

Not sure I got everything right, and still information is hard to get.

Nest was proprietary, too, and G**gle, too, has recently shut Nest cloud services down without providing a proper replacement. Another example of bad company policy. I didn’t mean to say eQ-3 is a particularly bad example… it’s rather the (unfortunately only) industry “standard” they follow :expressionless: