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I have seen that the control_mode doesn´t have a value but is writable. On the other hand could set_point_mode be used as a state representation. Is there a way in the binding options to have a commandTopic and a stateTopic for different channels but in one item to represent the state with set_point_mode and sending the command by the commandTopic? Have you other ideas to solve that issue of having a not updated item when just link to control_mode? (Sure a rule can be used but maybe I miss here something. Thanks!

Ref. Homematic IP HmIP-BWTH no full control

actually control_mode is kind of only writeable, I do see any value.
I fixed it with two items but only one that represents status + controls the other item without additional rule. There is even more that might be useful in my item declaration, that’s why I kept it.
I realized that the mapping to the number state depends on the digits and is not reproducible (also had a discussion here in the forum). Changing to string does not help, hence I keep all three possible states and this works fine.

Number                  BueroMatthiasThermostat1SETPOINTMODE                        "Betriebsmodus"                            <heating>        (gBueroMatthiasThermostat)                                                                                                                           ["Point","Temperature"]            {channel="homematic:HmIP-BWTH:ccu3:xxx:1#SET_POINT_MODE", stateDescription=""[options="0=Auto,0.0=Auto,0.00=Auto, 1=Manuell,1.0=Manuell,1.00=Manuell"],listWidget="oh-label-item"[action="options",actionItem="BueroMatthiasThermostat1CONTROLMODE",actionOptions="0=Auto,1=Manuell"]}
Number                  BueroMatthiasThermostat1CONTROLMODE                         "Control mode"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      {channel="homematic:HmIP-BWTH:ccu3:xxx:1#CONTROL_MODE"}

Hi Matthias,

thanks for your items. This kind of setup works like charm in the new UI :slight_smile: Currently still in the old fashioned sitemap till migrating (still much faster…). Do you have an idea how it can be done in combination with a sitemap?


happy to read. With OH 3.0 I stopped using sitemaps. Maybe a good idea to push migration :wink:


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