HomeMatic IP config for complex scenarios

Dear team,

I totally fall in love with openHAB 3 after I compared iobroker and other tools. For our new house which is being built right now, I want to build complex logic in openHAB based on:

  • Shelly
  • HomeMatic IP

I will use:

  • Shelly Dimmer => Used to switch light on/off & dimm it (16 overall)
  • Shelly Plus 2PM => Shutter on/off & percentage (18 overall)
  • Shelly Plus 1PM => Light outside of the house
  • HomeMatic presence => checks presence and switches light on
  • HomeMatic motion sensor => Outside movement check

My question before buying the device:

  • Do you have good experience with HomeMatic IP integration in openHAB?
  • Can I get the data from presence sensor, motion detector and window contact to build complex rules on top?

Last but not least: Is there any good indoor and outdoor camera system that is compatible with openHAB and HomeMatic IP that you can recommend?

Thanks a lot and warm regards

yes and yes. I have lots of Homematic Devices (Homematic, Homematic IP, HmIP Wired) which are all working fine. I use a CCU3 with raspberrymatic + Access Point + DinRail AP. Motion and presence sensors as well as window contacts are all running smooth with OpenHAB.

I can’t say anything about Shelly, but I use a mix of Homematic and other Devices like Hue or Fritz which work together like it would be one systems thanks to OpenHab.