Homematic IP Control Mode Automatic <-> Manual

How can I switch between Automatic and Manual Mode in the openhab2 Homematic IP Binding? I can only see the “Set Point Mode” (0 or 1) but not change it with effect, since it appears to be read-only.
There is a way to trigger the Boost Mode with a switch, why is it not possible with the Manual/Automatic mode?

Hello Klaus,
have you already found a solution for this problem ?


The binding gets all information about the data points and their definitions from Homematic. If you give me the device types I can check with the data point documentation whether switching the mode is generally possible or whether the data point is defined as read/only.

In case you’re talking about the Homematic valves, e.g.HmIP-eTRV-2, try the #CONTROL_MODE channel.

The difference between both channels (#CONTROL_MODE and #SET_POINT_MODE) is probably only known to eq-3, at least I couldn’t find any helpful information in the net.

I always set both channels to “1”, followed by setting the #SET_POINT_TEMPERATURE if I want to control the temperature manually.