Homematic IP Device always offline after reboot CCU2

Hi community,

first off all I want to thank you a lot, since 2 month I’m proud owner of a Pi 3b and a running version of Openhab Snap 2.3. As gateways I use rfxcom for my Somfy rollershutters and some intertechno devices and a ccu 2 (plus lan gateway) for my Homematic devices.
So far everything is working fine for me with the help of all this documentaions.

But now I have got a problem that is not solved by reading any of these, I try to add my first Homematic IP device: HMIP-SRH

Auto detect finds it in paper ui and it works fine until I have to reboot the ccu2 than it says:
‘homematic:HmIP-SRH:OEQ0456678:0007D7099D08BD’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): java.net.ConnectException: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt

I tried to create a new sytemd as suggested in one post -> whole system down had to use my backup…
I tried to set the aliveInterval to 3600 -> no change.
My Firewall settings in the ccu2 are: Remote HomeMatic-Script API “Vollzugriff” and the IP of the Pi is mentioned under: IP-Adressen für den eingeschränkten Zugriff

The only way to get the Device back online is to change any of the settings of this device or of the ccu2 via paper ui.
But I need 17 of this devices for my home so a manuell reboot is not a appreciated way.

Any hints? Need more information about my setup?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Anpro,

from my experience it’s best to restart OH2 after the CCU2 has settled down some time after it’s reboot. But let me ask why you restart your CCU2? Fixing that issue may reduce your need to tinker with OH2.

You are right, I made the same experience!

Well call it a German habit, in case of a power loss longer than the capicity of my usv I want it too reboot without any manuell interaction necessary and to test this behavior I restarted the ccu.

To be honest I had no accidental shutdown yet.

My next try would be a restart of the whole system wenn the ccu was down:

var Ccu2_timer = null

rule “CCU 2 neu laden”
Thing “homematic:bridge:OEQ0456678” received update ONLINE
sendNotification("xyz@icloud.com", “Verbindung zur CCU2 wieder hergestellt”)
Ccu2_timer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(8), [|
executeCommandLine(’“sudo” “reboot”’, 100)
sendNotification("xyz@icloud.com", “Pi wird neu gestartet”)
Ccu2_timer = null


rule “CCU 2 OFFLINE”
Thing “homematic:bridge:OEQ0456678” received update OFFLINE
sendNotification("xyz@icloud.com", “Verbindung zur CCU2 abgebrochen”)

But my system did not restart… Of course I switched password for user Openhab Off:

openhab All=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL

What did I do wrong??