HomeMatic IP OH 2.5.0.M2 problems

I upgraded my system from 2.4.0. to 2.5.0.M2 running as a docker container.
Everything went smooth.
With 2.4.0 I had sometimes the problem that HMIP devices stopped working, e.g. pushbuttons and movement sensor not sending their values over to OH.
In this case, restarting HM and OH resolved the issue.
As I was behind the “latest” versions for OH and HM I had also some 4 versions behind, I accepted this as something not reportable.
I now upgraded OH to M" and have latest HM version and have the following situation:

  • HM is receiving status from the HM devices and the status changes in the HM UI
  • No information is received at OH, I have set log to TRACE, no trace at all about the particular device


  • A restart of HM -> not working
  • A restart of OH bundle in karaf (bundle: restart xxx) -> HMIP picked up working again

It seems that this issue persisted from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0.M2

Had anybody similar issues?
Would need help by a maintainer to document for issue creation.

I have the same problem. I’m still on 2.4 stable but only the Homematic Devices sending their status, Homematic IP stopped working after a while. I tought to its a problem of the CCU, but restarting the CCU doesn’t help

I’m not sure (and a bit surprised) I’m the only one with this problem, but “bundle:restart” or “bundle:start” has stopped working in openhab 2.5.0.M2 through the Karaf console - can anyone test/confirm?

Same for me, too (still on 2.4).
Restarting the bundle does solve the problem, but of course only temporarly…

Did anyone already report an issue for it?