Homematic IP Rotary Button (Drehtaster, HmIP-WRCR) integration

I’m looking to integrate Homematic IP’s Rotary Button into my setup so that I can control dimmable lamps with it (eg Hue or Shelly). Unfortunatley, right now I can’t figure out how the “rotation” data gets transmitted as I can’t seem to find any appropriate channels:

I’ve got a suspicion that “Key Transceiver” corresponds to the button push and the two “Rotary Control Transceiver” correspond to left and rightwards rotation, but they don’t seem to have a channel type and I don’t see how a Switch type outputs what I’d expect to be some sort of numerical value.

I’ve tried linking all the “Press Long” channels to items, but no matter how long I press or how much I spin the button, nothing happens even though it appears as “connected” in OpenHab and Homematic’s UI and the “Signal Strength” channel gives a reasonable output.

Any tips?

If you press one of the buttons you should see an event in the event.log file. If there is no entry, you could try to enable the trace log and check whether there appear entries in the openhab.log.

I have also looked into the Homematic Device documentation for this device. But it contains no real information about the “rotation” data. I am not sure whether a rotation will raise a “Button” event or whether the button events are only raised if the button is pressed.

Following @MHerbst’s suggestion, I tried watching the OpenHab logs to check for activity but I couldn’t find anything transmitting, so next I decided to check the Homematic logs and it seems that there’s something wrong there:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it any clearer what’s wrong or what I need to do. Anyone experienced with Homematic’s WebUI?

I have never seen suche messages in WebUI before. Maybe you can get some help here: https://homematic-forum.de/forum/