Homematic IP Switch Actuator HmIP-FSM things edit not working

The edit page in the things category for a Homematic IP Switch Actuator and Meter - flush-mount (HmIP-FSM) generates an impossible large page that completely blocks the browser (tested with Chrome and FF).

It seems that the week program generates an enormous amount of entries to edit even when the week program is not used.

Any hint on how to suppress the WP entries?

What version of OH and binding are you using?

Sorry, forgot the version: openHABian 2.5.0M5.

I can send a homematic trace, but the XML snippet in there is quite large.

Didn’t see an issue similar to this on github. Have you tried stopping OH, cleaning the cache and rebooting?

Not yet, but the problem occurred immediately after adding the CCU bridge.
I’ll try the cache clean once I get home and report back.