Homematic Pairing & Using

Hi, I’m too new here and I want to use some homematic devices with opeanhab 2 and raspberry pi 3 model b+.

I installed openhabian to raspberry pi and I installed homematic bindings with homegear (homematic bidcos - homematic wired) to openhabian.

So, I want get help after this. What should I do for pairing with my homematic devices and how do I use them?
And my devices are HM-CFG-LAN, HM-Sec-MDIR-2, HM-Sec-SC-2.



First you should get familiar with homegear.
You need to know what device family your device belongs to and select the appropriate one (fs ).
Then start pairing, on homegear console enter , then start pairing on your device.
After this, you should see your devices in openHAB paperUI inbox.

Anoterh tip is to go to the homegear forum for the basic setup

It doesn’t pairing. How do I fix?


Did you follow the instructions for activating pairing on your homematic device? It might be needed to do a factory reset on that device.

As @Dibbler42 already wrote, you should have a look at homegear forum, as this is no openHAB issue.