Homematic - seeking advice


I’m currently busy doing a fresh setup of a new system in my girlfriends house. I’ve got a MirkoPC and I recently bought a HmIP-WRC2 and a hm-mod-rpi-pcb.
I then installed debmatic debmatic and tried to pair the WRC2, but unfortunatly it didn’t work. After reading up on the ‘issues’ in the repo it became clear that RF interference are very likely to blame for it.

So, I’m now asking myself on how to proceed. Should I invest more money into the debmatic approach buying one of those USB-boards hb-rf-usb-2 or should I just get a CCU3 and be done with it? Or is there another/better option? Looking forward reading your responses.


There’s yet another option: Assuming that you don’t plan to do a major installation at her house, you could start with a CCU2. Yes, it’s a bit dated, but it perfectly gets the job done at my place with 30+ HM and HMiP-devices. Rock solid and reliable.

Yes, maybe in 2+ years new HMiP-devices won’t run on it anymore (only maybe), but until then it’s a good and easy alternative to get things running, plus (big plus!) it’s very cheap on eBay (<20 € from what I see).

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Right, this is another option. Since you are using the CCU2 - is it using a 12v powersupply? Was there anything else you needed to install on the Raspberry besides of the OH-Binding?

Oh - I just found out that it is using a 5v power supply.

Nope, nothing else. I used to run openHABian, but now running this setup, but probably a bit over the top for your requirements.

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