Homematic status refresh

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But is there any option to retrieve state from a listening device. I have a homematic rolllershutter far away and sometimes it goes offline. So for example the state was level 10. I send a command level 20. The devices wents off-/online and the rollershutter did actually not changed, but OpenHab thinks it is on level 20. Can I send any command to retrieve the actual state from the device itself?


I also have an Issue with the variable refresh.

I tried to refresjh only one (!) Variable, but the log shows that all variables are refreshed.

import org.eclipse.smarthome.core.types.RefreshType;

rule “refreshCCUVariables_Cron”
Time cron “0/15 * * * * ?”
logInfo(“CCU Variables Releoad MyCRON”, “Rule executed…refreshCCUVariables CRON”);


String CCU_Reload “CCU Reload Vars” {channel=“homematic:GATEWAY-EXTRAS-XXX:YYY:GWE00000000:1#MyVar1”}

Any ideas how to refresh only one variable ?


I think this wouldn’t work. You are using the “General”-Reload for the whole CCU.

My item-definition for it is:

Switch GatewayExtras_0RELOADALLFROMGATEWAY  "Reload all from Gateway [%s]"  <switch> (gHomeMatic) {channel="homematic:GATEWAY-EXTRAS-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:GWE00000000:0#RELOAD_ALL_FROM_GATEWAY"}

As it’s an ON/OFF-Type it only accepts those two values (as far as I know).

BTW:I’m using CCU3. Bridge and Things are created via Paper-UI. Items were created with VSCode as Text-Files.

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thanks a lot. that button works perfectly. I did it the same way you described.

is there a way to have an automatic refresh of all system variables? i.e. by letting the system push the button frequently?

First say “Hello Paolo and welcome in the community”
As I haven’t tried, so I can’t say yes or no.
But I think if you’re using a rule with a cron-trigger to force a reload, sending an ON-Signal to that Item, could work.

But why would you do that ? Under normal circumstances this should not be neccessary!


Hey Peter, thanks a lot for the warm welcome. I am a open hab noob and invested a lot of time these days :wink:

as my alarm status is written to a Homematic system variable a status change is only available there. So if I want to see the latest status in the habpanel dashboard I would need to refresh the system variables frequently, right? Or is there an option I am not yet aware of?

Thanks for your help!

I can’t say a lot about Homematic and how it works as I’m still a noob too :smiley:, although I have several windows-sensors and an outdoor-sensor running with it. The Changes of “Open/Closed” and Temperture and Humidity works perfect. But I have to say I’m using BasicUI for displaying:

I just have this two variables, of which I think they are standard:

and don’t know what to do with it :thinking: