Homematic strings in english instead of german

since my last update, the homematic strings are in english instead of german as before.
I have a homematic rain sensor that reported “Trockenheit” or “Regen”, but now “Dry conditions” or “Rain”.
My system language is set to DE as before.
I am on openHAB 2.5.0~S1566-1 (Build #1566).
Any ideas?

In the homematic web gui, the strings are still in german as before.
I know I can do a transformation but since the behaviour changed I would like to know the reason.
Anything changed in the homematic binding?

I can only guess but maybe it has to do the the re-integration of the ESH add-ons into openHAB and the updates for the new build infrastructure.

Hmm, strange. Because of various problems, I reverted from the OH snapshot version to 2.5.0~M1-1.
The strings are still in english.
With the milestone version, I should not get any ESH re-integration problems, right?

Hmm, I am using 2.4 and I am not sure whether there have been changes in the implementation that may cause this problem.

Just as follow up:
I managed to get strings back to german.
I observed that the date/time (weekday) was also displayed in english, so I added
EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS=EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS="-Duser.timezone=Europe/Berlin -Duser.country=DE -Duser.language=de"
to /etc/default/openhab2, did an openhab restart and - voila - strings and date/time are in german again!