Homematic switch does not send parameter=PRESS_CONT, e.g. for dimming

I wont to use a Homematic 6xSwitch for Dimming a Hue bulb. I didn’t find a way of a direct binding in .items. Any Idea for this?
I wanted to use the parameter=PRESS_CONT in a rule for dimming. So I made these items an the rules an virtual switches at the CCU2 vor variable update:

/* Reload Homematic Variabeln */
Switch Reload_Variables {homematic="address=BidCoS-RF, channel=5, parameter=PRESS_SHORT, action=RELOAD_VARIABLES"}
Switch EG_Kue_6F_Tast_T1_Short	"6F-Taster Küche Taste 1 kurz"	(EG_Kue_6F_Tast, Taster)	{homematic="address=LEQ0660679, channel=1, parameter=PRESS_SHORT"}
Switch EG_Kue_6F_Tast_T1_Long	"6F-Taster Küche Taste 1 long"	(EG_Kue_6F_Tast, Taster)	{homematic="address=LEQ0660679, channel=1, parameter=PRESS_LONG"}
Switch EG_Kue_6F_Tast_T1_Release"6F-Taster Küche Taste 1 release"	(EG_Kue_6F_Tast, Taster)	{homematic="address=LEQ0660679, channel=1, parameter=PRESS_LONG_RELEASE"}
Switch EG_Kue_6F_Tast_T1_cont	"6F-Taster Küche Taste 1 cont"	(EG_Kue_6F_Tast, Taster)	{homematic="address=LEQ0660679, channel=1, parameter=PRESS_CONT"}

_Short, _Long, _Release do work fine. _cont does not work.
Any Help. Or other Idea how to dimm Hue bulb with Homematic switch?