Homematic system variables - thing gateway-extras not found

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In order to reload newly created system variables from homematic (Raspberrymatic - in the past have deleted the gateway-extras thing. A new search in the inbox of paper-UI and I found the gateway-extras thing with all the new variables. A piece of cake if you like.
Since yesterday paper-UI is not finding the gateway-extras thing.
What I did to fix it:

  • restart/reboot homematic and openhab (2.5.1)

  • uninstalled the homematic binding and re-installed

  • tried to create it manually

  • also the “physical” things - specially the homematic IP - are not working properly

Any idea what else I could do?
Where do I find more actual snapshots of the binding?
Thanks Georg



I still don’t know what happens:

  • I did a re-install of openhabian version 1.5 - also here the gateway thing is not detected.

  • I changed back to Raspberrymatic - which was working before - also the gateway thing is not detected.

  • Still do not know the difference of the homematic.thing (manually created) and the detected eQ3-HmIP-CCU3-App.

Thanks for any hint.