Homematic temperature state item not changeable and not displayable in chart

I have a simple homeatic temperatur item:

I cann’t change it in the location page:

There is only an analyse option which doesn’t show values:

I also tried to ad the item to an chart page:

The result shows no values to:

Is it possible to make the item changeable through the location page and to display values in a chart?


I also have Homematic. Can you try to change the default list item widget, see my screenshots?

to look like this:

For the values in the charts, do you have a default persistence service defined? If yes, are you using a config file? Is this item included? openHAB will either persist all persistable items if you dont define or the ones you defined in the config file, but not the others then. I worked around by using two persistence services, rrd4j and mapdb. rrd4j for all and as default without config file, mapdb for some for startup recovery with a config file.

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Thank you very much. Both hints worked. I installed the rrd4j persistence service.