[Homematic] Values on Openhab are not updated

Hi everyone,

Iam running Openhab 2.5 M5 together with piVCCU 3.47.22 on a raspberry Pi3+ with CCU3 hardware.

Everything was working fine for about 6 months, but after the latest piVCCU update no state from homematic gets updated in openhab anymore.
However, if I set for example a thermostate temperature via openhab it is transferred correctly and shown in homematic as well. The other way round, setting the temperature on homematic does not reflect back to openhab.

Openhab.log shows no error, the bridge and all things are online.
I already tried reinstalling the homematic binding, the CCU3 bridge and reconfiguring the items.

No effect so far.

I hope anyone has got an idea how to further investigate.
Thx !

There seems to be several issues on github you can check this link https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+HomeMatic

I browsed through the open issues, but to be honest I cannot see anything relating to my issue ?
The issues describe either signals not being available or exposed as ready-only instead of write enabled to openhab etc.

Did you check the closed issues as well?

To me it seems that the problem is related to the piVCCU update. Are there any hints in the changelog regarding changed ports or blocked ports or something like this? With the original CCU3 respl Homematic it is necessary to change the security settings on the CCU. You can find all information in the Add-On documentation.

I checked the settings in homematic several times. Especially the firewall settings. Nothing changed.

However, I found my rollershutter to work without any problems. Its status is always up to date.
Thermostates and door sensors do not update at all. If I link a new (additional) item to the actual temperature, both the new and the old item get updated once. After some time, both show 0,0°C again.

This somehow puzzles me.

That’s really strange. You could try to set a callback address in the Homematic Bridge configuration. This can help if you openHAB machine has more than one IP address.

Yes, did that…

I went to debugging level of the homematic addon and it get’s more mysterious.

14:20:01.114 [DEBUG] [communicator.AbstractHomematicGateway] - Received new (Double) value '18.5' for 'OEQ1246711:4#ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE' from gateway with id '3014F711A0001F58A9930253'
14:20:01.120 [DEBUG] [communicator.AbstractHomematicGateway] - Received new (Double) value '18.0' for 'OEQ1246711:4#SET_TEMPERATURE' from gateway with id '3014F711A0001F58A9930253'
14:20:01.125 [DEBUG] [communicator.AbstractHomematicGateway] - Received new (Double) value '5.0' for 'OEQ1246711:4#PARTY_TEMPERATURE' from gateway with id '3014F711A0001F58A9930253'

So obviously the changes are received correctly. However the items are still not updated.

Maybe this is a problem that is caused by the unit types. The Homematic binding uses values with units like °C. The type of this unit is taken xml messages received from the CCU. Normally the CCU sends for all “… TEMPERATURE” data points a unit of “°C” and then the binding creates the channel as Number:Temperature.
But sometimes the CCU does not send the correct unit type. AFAIK only some Homematic IP devices had this problem before. But maybe piVCCU behaves a bit different. What kind of device is causing the problem in your installation?

Can you also check the channel definitions? Are they “Number:Temperature” or “Number:Dimensionless”?

Iam using Number:Temperature as definition. Just to try I changed it to only Number with the same result.
Besides the thermostats also the door contacts which are defined as Contact do not update as well.
Are there any logging levels I could rise to retrieve further information ?

You can use TRACE instead of DEBUG to get a more detailed log output.

I have installed 2.5 M5 on my test machine and together with Raspberrymatic everything works fine. The state of the contacts and also the temperatures of my thermostats are immediately updated.

Well, after quite some time I found the issue:

When I changed from CCU2 to CCU3 about 1 year ago I stayed in Openhab with the “CCU2-App” as bridge, ignoring the CCU3-App which popped up in the inbox constantly.

For some reason this bothered me 2 weeks ago and I decided to change that.
So I added the new bridge and changed the bridge to use in all my things via PaperUI accordingly.

Old bridge: homematic:bridge:ccu2
New bridge: homematic:bridge:ccu3

This way the thing ID stayed the same, but the gateway has changed.

Well, obviously we are looking at a bug here since the changed gateway within the thing does not have the wanted effect. => items do not get updated and receive an value only once at startup.

The rollershutter for example which was working all the time perfectly has been added afterwards. Finally this was the clue I needed.
After removing all homematic things and re-adding them everything is working fine again.

Of course this made me adjust every single item referring to them since the thing id changed from “homematic:HM-Sec-SC-2:ccu2:NEA1336579” to “homematic:HM-Sec-SC-2:ccu3:NEA1336579”

I hope this helps anyone running into the same issue.