Homematic wired Question

Hi there,

I just cant get ist figured out, how I can create rules with 2.1.

I have a Homematic Wired component HMW-IO-12-Sw7-DR Modul, and have it working with direct connections.

But as I want to be able to use OH2 Rules for the Hue light in some rooms, I want to create rules for them.

Here is what I did:


Thing homematic:HMW-IO-12-Sw7-DR:ccu:NEQ0891674 "Wired Module 1/74"


 Switch TA_A_1_Short     "Taster 1 Kurz"                            (TA,BK)              {channel="homematic:HMW-IO-12-Sw7-DR:ccu:NEQ0891674:7#PRESS_SHORT"}

 Switch TA_A_1_Long      "Taster 1 Lang"                            (TA,BK)              {channel="homematic:HMW-IO-12-Sw7-DR:ccu:NEQ0891674:7#PRESS_LONG"}

 Switch TA_A_1_LongRel   "Taster 1 LangEnde"                        (TA,BK)              {channel="homematic:HMW-IO-12-Sw7-DR:ccu:NEQ0891674:7#PRESS_LONG_RELEASE"}

 Switch TA_A_1_Cont      "Taster 1 Cont"                            (TA,BK)              {channel="homematic:HMW-IO-12-Sw7-DR:ccu:NEQ0891674:7#PRESS_CONT"


rule "ASchalterClick On"
	Item TA_A_1_Short received update or 
	Item TA_A_1_Long received update
logInfo("A","Taster gedrückt")

For some reason I do not understand (yet) this does not work at all. No Logging, not change.

please give me a hint


Where did you put x.rules?

Do your Switches work if you put them on your sitemap or HABPanel?

Hi Rich,

thanks for the answer. Yes, once it is in my sitemap, i can power the hue on and off.

My x.rules is in the rules directory and is been recognized when changed.

In the Logfile this is beeing written, when i use the real switch on the wall:

2017-09-02 12:54:43.273 [DEBUG] [ommunicator.AbstractHomematicGateway] - Received new (Boolean) value 'true' for 'NEQ0891674:7#PRESS_SHORT' from gateway with id 'ccu'
2017-09-02 12:54:43.276 [DEBUG] [ematic.internal.misc.DelayedExecuter] - Delaying event for 2.0 seconds: 'NEQ0891674:7#PRESS_SHORT'
2017-09-02 12:54:45.280 [DEBUG] [ematic.internal.misc.DelayedExecuter] - Executing delayed event for 'NEQ0891674:7#PRESS_SHORT'

so openhab knows, that the Switch has been used, still the rule is not beeing executed.

No Idea why.


Hi there,

I found the issue.

It was inside the Homematic CCU and already described inside the documentation.

I had to create a Rule on the Homematic CCU with this Switch, just as When Part, no action needed.

Once I did this, I got the proper Result in OH2.

weired :wink:

Thanks anyway