Homematic with Homegear and CUL

Hey folks,

i have installed the latest versions of OH2, Homegear and culfw. I also paired to thermostat devices with home gear. No I wanted to use the automatic discovery function of the Homematic Binding but unfortunately the thing search doesn’t find anything. Is this a known bug and is there any work-around?

Couldn’t find anything like that in the forum!

Thank you very much for your help!

Could you specify what is meant by “latest version”? Is this the nightly?

With the stable version it worls like a charm. First OH discovers the gateway automatically and the all devices. So the question ist if homgear is really running and how is your setup?


I am using the nightly builds of OH2 and home gear!

And yes home gear is running on the raspberry pi as the OH2 instance is.

So i installed the stable OH2 version and the stable Homegear version.
But still nothing appearing in the thing detection… Any ideas?

OK, then we should start with homegear. Could you confirm that homergear -r shows with fs 0 and ls all your devices? And does the homegear log shows any access from openhab. And shows the openhab log anny homematic errors?


you have to add the bridge manually, then will the other devices get discovered.

First, thank you for your replies.

I tried to add it manually. I inserted the IP Adress of the pi and now the things are there.
But I think thats not the way to do it, isn’t it?

Here are the results requested from Thomas:

sudo homegear -r
Connected to Homegear (version 0.6.19-956).
> fs 0
Device family "HomeMatic BidCoS" selected.
For information about the family's commands type: "help"
(Family)> ls
         ID │ Name                      │  Address │ Serial Number │ Type │ Type String               │ Firmware │ Config Pending │ Unreach │ Low Bat
            │                           │          │               │      │                           │          │                │         │        
          1 │                           │   4407B0 │    XXXXXXXXXX │ 0095 │               HM-CC-RT-DN │      1.4 │             No │      No │      No

Unfortunately i cant find a log for homegear under (var/log/homegear). Is there any other location?
And no… there are no errors under openhab.

That is strange. No Errors, Thing by Hand works, no homematic errors.

at the end no idea. I have homegear and OH on two different hosts and evrything works perfect. Hm maybe it is a thing with the honegear version. I am using the homegear nightlies.