Homematic with Homegear on HM-CFG-LAN not finding Things


I just setup an OpenHab 2 instance on my PI together with homegear. For the homematic connection I’m using the HM-CFG-LAN controller instead of an CCU.

Now auto discovery found nothing so I added homegear manually as “Homematic Bridge”. It still doesn’t find any of my paired devices from inside homegear.

Doesn’t auto discovery work with homegear? Do I have to edit the files manually or is there another way of doing it using the Paper UI?


the HM-LAN-CFG is no replacement for a CCU. The Connection was with your setup is:

HM-LAN-CFG ---- Homegear ----- openhab

1.) Create Config for homegear
2.) Pair devices to homegear
3.) Configure homematic in openhab im not sure if this works automatically
4.) Do you openhab stuff