Homematik IP pairing

Hello everyone,

I have:

  • rPi3
  • openhabian
  • openhab 4.0.4
  • wireless module: HM-MOD-RPI-PCB + HM-MOD-UART-AW-SH-2
  • debmatic
    Everything just installed and up to date.

I have successfully paired a few Homematik (without IP) devices with the UI.
However, I cannot pair Homematik IP devices. E.g. HMIP-PSM-2 and HmIP-SWD

In the UI, I go to Settings, Things, Add, Homematic Binding and scan. However, no devices are found. I set the devices to pairing mode by pressing and holding the button.

Should this be possible with debmatic?

Thank you very much!

You have to pair (anlernen) the devices in the debmatic webui. Then homematic will find them.

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If you know that there is a web UI. The instructions only say that you can make a backup here :smiley: