Homemeatic IP timeout


I added the homematic binding for my ccu3. everthing is ok, it is found by openhab 2.5.8 and online. together with the gateway extras and the virtuell remotes. I added the Hue connection to the ccu3 and the things were discovered and online.
Now the problem the termostat and switch were found but wenn i add them as a thing they get :
Status: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Total timeout 15000 ms elapsed

What is the problem? Can anyone help?


you added them via the UI or via a text file ( .things ) ?

via ui

for more info:
2020-09-03 18:35:03.057 [DEBUG] [nal.communicator.client.XmlRpcClient] - XmlRpcMessage failed, sending message again 1/3

Hi Sebastian,

first of all please check the firewall settings on the CCU and alos on the machine where openHAB is running. If the necessary ports are not open there will be communication problems.

If this seems OK please try to disable the Hue connection on the CCU and try again. Maybe the Hue devices are causing problems.

If nothing help please enable the TRACE log, restart openHAB and post openhab.log.

I dont know whiy but today all H IP items are online…without any change. So its solved for me.