Homeseer WX-300 Missing features

I recently bought a couple of Homeseer WX-300 R2 devices, partly due to them implementing a feature that I requested on their forum several years ago; control of default dim level.

I installed them today and was disappointed to find that the new features (33-37) did not appear in the list. I noticed the record in the database does not include new features either.

Homeseer documentation
Database entry

I read the guide to updating the database, which mentioned that manual data entry is discouraged in favor of updating from XML generated by the binding. Looking in that
XML File (15.6 KB), I see that the parameters don’t go above 32 there either.

Is my understanding correct that the data in the XML file is a result of interrogation of the device? If the parameters are missing there, does that mean it’s a firmware problem I should be raising with HomeSeer? Or is there something I should do to update the database end?

My understanding is that the initial interview primarily extracts the command classes and the endpoints (channels) from the device. When an XML is uploaded the parameters and association groups still need to be manually added (they do not come from the interview). Therefore you should be able (with write access) add the additional parameters. When the ZW DB is updated you can grab the new binding (OH4.1 M2 or greater will be needed)

The only issue I see is if some earlier versions of the device (4447:4036) might not include those parameters, so if you add them and they update their device, they will not control them. (not a huge deal IMO since they never had that capability). This could be solved by creating a duplicate entry with a firmware separation (as discussed in the ZW DB blog). From this other open source ZW DB (Zwave-js), it looks like firmware over 1.12 has the extra parameters.