Homie rawbutton-toggle-switch profile missing in PaperUI


I need some help with my Homie Button and Homie Actors.

The homie auto detection in PaperUI works very well. With PaperUI the actor is linked to the item “light1”. When i press the item the homie actor get the correct command to switch.
After this the homie switch (Button 1) is linked to the same Item “light1”. In the documentation i found the chapter about rawbutton. But the PaperUI does not show the “rawbutton-toggle-switch” profile for the linked button.

The profile is only available for system.rawbutton - so i try to check if the button is detected correctly. My homie format looks like this:

homie/testSwitch1/$homie 4.0.0
homie/testSwitch1/$name testSwitch1
homie/testSwitch1/$state ready
homie/testSwitch1/$nodes b1
homie/testSwitch1/b1/$name Button 1
homie/testSwitch1/b1/$properties state
homie/testSwitch1/b1/$type switch
homie/testSwitch1/b1/state/$datatype enum
homie/testSwitch1/b1/state/$format PRESSED,RELEASED
homie/testSwitch1/b1/state/$name Button 1
homie/testSwitch1/b1/state/$settable true

With the enum[PRESSED,RELEASED] it should be detected as system.rawbutton. Where is the profile?

Any tips?