Honeywell Vista 128BPT Home Security RS-232 Binding

Hello everyone.

I have a Honeywell Vista128BPT home security panel which comes with a built in RS-232 port for automation control. I am coming from the Vera community where I wrote a plugin for this protocol and have started writing one for OpenHab2. The OpenHab2 binding would support any panel that speaks the same protocol and I believe even as low as the Vista20 models can get an add-on board to speak it.

I have written the ability for the binding to speak both directly to RS232 (via USB) and to connect to a telnet server via a raspberry pi for ease of connection.

Is there any interest in this binding? If so, I will publish. If not, then I will use for my own personal use.



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Publish away young man.
You can post the details here.
You can make the binding available in the market place pending approval for merging with the main repo.
You can PR it on the main repo and seek approval for inclusion.

The more bindings the better, go ahead.


Its great that you have already written a binding up. I just finished setting up my Vista 128BPT and was about to start writing up a binding for it. I was planning to model it against the the DSC binding. Do you still plan on publishing this binding? Thank you!

Hi @knikhilwiz,

Yes, I am still planning on publishing. I have some spare time now…so I will be working on it quite a bit.

Happy to give you access if you would like to work on it as well.