Honeywell Zwave Outlet not enumerating or whatever

I have one of these devices- OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

Honeywell 39349 switched outlet.

When I transitioned to OH3, it wouldn’t pick up it’s channels. I checked the XML file-


Seems like the same that’s in the database. Will uploading a new XML file help?

A few questions that might help…

  1. What version of OH are you running?
  2. When you say “it wouldn’t pick up the channels”, exactly what happens. Is the device detected at all? Does it know what the device type is?
  3. What do the debug logs show is happening?

I would first suggest to ensure you are running the latest snapshot version if you aren’t already so that we know you have the updated database.

  1. I’m running OH 3. I just reinstalled a clean image on a RPi 4 last week.
  2. I guess “not initialized/not in database” When I click “channels” there are no channels. An XML file has been generated and that XML shows identifying information consistent with the database entry at- OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database
  3. Which debug log should I look for? How do I find it?

What version though? OH3.0, or 3.1 or the latest snapshot.

Are you using, or did you change to the latest snapshot version as I suggested earlier?

Please take a look at the documentation. There is a section in the general documentation regarding where the logging is - it will likely be different depending on exactly how your have installed your system (manually, or openhabian, or something else). The binding docs have a section that details how to enable debug logging.

Again - I strongly recommend ensuring that you are using the latest snapshot if you’re not already doing so.

I’m running 3.1.0 release build.

When the binding initializes the device, it looks like it goes through every single device in the database looking for a match. However, it doesn’t “check” the Honeywell 39349.

I understand that you always want the latest database, but this device has been in the database for a long time. Did you clean out a bunch of stuff from the database when OH3 was released or something?

So this is not the latest binding. As above, I really suggest to update to the latest snapshot.

No - in general devices are not deleted. However sometimes devices get dropped when people make changes.

I can only repeat for the third or fourth time that I recommend using the latest binding, but you seem to be reluctant?

I’m for sure reluctant to update my installation to the snapshot build. I use OpenHAB to automate my house, not development. In other words, my installation is a production environment. My family is so spoiled and soft now that they get pissed when OpenHAB goes down. According to OpenHAB docs-

The snapshot build is created almost daily, and include the latest changes to the openHAB core and add-ons. These changes are often unstable, so you should use this branch only for testing or development purposes.

Everybody should be reluctant to use the snapshot build. It says it right in the docs

It’s not my binding or anything, but I sure think it would be a good idea to separate database updates from a full fledged OH update to the snapshot. Like, someone comes out with a new Zwave device, it’s added to the database, but the only way to use it is to update your OpenHAB install to the nightly build? Come on.

I don’t understand the challenges associated with making that database just a file that can be independently updated, or even why the binding can’t pull it on it’s own. However, based on all the forum posts I’ve read, this would probably eliminate like half of the topics with “zwave” in the title.

Firstly, this has been discussed many times here, and it’s not really possible - not without writing a LOT of extra code that is currently in OH core. OH requires the XML files to be in the binding - without rewriting a huge chunk of code, I can’t really change this.

However, we are NOT talking about a full fledged OH update - just update the binding to the SNAPSHOT. There have been no other changes, so it should not be unstable.

Clearly, but unfortunately it is difficult due to the way that openHAB works and as I tried to explain above, it’s not something that I’m able to change. Your other option is to modify the current binding to add the XML - there is a how to here, but personally I would suggest to just use the SNAPSHOT.

For anyone following behind, this is a fairly simple process-
SSH into your openhab installation
Open the console:

openhab-cli console

Search for the zwave bundle:

bundle:list -s |grep zwave

Note the ID number that appears first
Update the binding:

bundle:update 267

In my case, the zwave binding was ID# 267 and the url is a link to the newest JAR. The link here will change shortly, so I recommend going here and then browsing to the release you want: