Hörmann Garage Door


I created a little piece of software to control my Hörmann garage door via MQTT/OpenHab2. I used a raspberry pi zero with a relay board and the Hörmann control board UAP1.

You will find everything needed to do the same at your place on the following github repository: https://github.com/Tycale/hormann_uap1_mqtt_openhab
Be sure to use adequate electric cable diameter for the output circuits of the UAP1 as it outputs 24V.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this.
Not shure if I understood correctly. Can UAP1 recognize a intermediate position? For example when the garage door stops at 30% open.


No, the UAP1 returns 3 binary informations :

  • The door is closed (0%) / not closed (?)
  • The door is open(100%) / not open (?)
  • The light is ON/OFF (this information can be changed via the option 22 of the garage door, e.g. reporting if the door is in the “slightly open” case)

What I do in order to determine if the door is moving is the fact that the door is neither closed, neither open. And in if the door is in a moving state for more than 30 seconds (can be changed via DOOR_MAX_MOVING_TIME in UAP1States.py), then the state is “slightly open”. That is the trick !

But the UAP1 does not return a precise state in percentage. The icons are lying :wink:

Okay thank you for clarifying.
Yes, the icons made me believe something different.:thinking:

Yup, it is just assets that you can use.

Could be useful if you modify the parameter 43 (for supramatic 3) : position of the door in slightly open position.