How can I configure the openHAB logo in the PaperUI?

In one of the pull requests (automation related I believe) I saw a screenshot of the PaperUI icon in the top left replaced by the green qivicon logo. Sadly, I cannot remember anymore which PR that was.

I would love to do the same for my home installation, but could find no way to have the URL to the img/logo.png configurable. Any ideas how I could accomplish this modification without forking eclipse/smarthome myself? It seems to be hardcoded in

openHAB itself overwrites the ESH logo, which is the default. This is done through a fragment here:

So, do I have to fork the openHAB patch in openhab-core or could we make this somehow configurable?

Also, assuming that I use the offline distribution, what would happen if I compile my own version of the org.openhab.ui.paperui bundle and put it into the addons directory? And run “bundle:update” afterwards? Would the version prepackaged version be used or mine?