How can I create a binding

I want to create a binding but I didn’t find any information concerning how to do it.
Is it possible to do it myself or is it the task of the developement team ?
I have a custom hardware gateaway and I need to connect it with OpenHAB environement.
How can I have informations about the creation of binding ?
Can someone tell me more about it or help me to find informations ?
Thanks a lot !

do you know

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A Sério ? Well here you go:

Perhaps start with explaining how exactly the gateway will TALK to openHAB, by this I mean does it use SERIAL, MQTT, HTTP rest calls, MODBUS etc. It may not be necessary to write a binding depending on the protocol that it talks.

Thanks for your answer !
Our gateaway uses IP protocol to talk with openHAB.
I would like to communicate with Websocket protocol if it’s possible or with HTTP rest call and SSE (Server Sent Event).
The aim is to have a bi-directional communication.
Thanks a lot for your attention.

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