How can I fix "Recursive group membership found" error

Hi community,
I need help. I must have created a recursive membership situation using the UI and now the system does not let me fix it as it does start into a infinitive loop. How can I a) detect the group memberships w/o starting up my openhab and b) fix it?

BTW: I am using OpenHab 4.1.2 in Docker Desktop and a container version of InfluxDB as persistence service. Restarted the entire thing but still nothing

Thanks in advance for any help

Stop the openHAB service and then edit the org.openhab.core.items.Item.json file directly. You’ll find it in your userdata\jsondb folder.

The safest thing to do would be completely remove the item that’s causing the problem, and then add it again after you restart openHAB.

I think you could also just delete the groupname from the item, but I’m not 100% certain since I’ve never tried it. Do so at your own risk. If you want to try that, I believe you would change this:

  "groupNames": [

To this:

  "groupNames": [],

Honestly, it should be fine. I’m just paranoid about editing the JSONDB directly, because missing a parenthesis or a comma can break a lot of things when you restart openHAB.

a. Core should not have “crashed” into an infinite loop even if there was a recursive loop.
b. UI should’ve prevented the creation of a recursive loop membership.

I thought (a) above was dealt with quite some time ago. I’m not sure whether (b) is currently in place.

How do you know it’s in an infinite loop? As @JimT indicates, OH core had been able to detect and report this problem for some time now. I’m skeptical this is what is really going wrong. Some life could prove useful.

Errr… while core could detect issue, there still might be a rule or other code which is looping over item hierarchy in infinite recursion.