How can I get widget name correlate with item name


For an easy integration in a vocal command project, I want to get real item name.

The rest api in json for getting items is almost interresting but there is no real name.

In final, I want to have a file with:

“item name from sitemap”: “bathroom light”, “link form rest item”: http://server_ip:8080/rest/balbla

Does someone do that ? How ?

The aim is to ask an assistant some commands with real name from openhab.

I’m not a dev but I can code a little bit if someone has some informations.



Don’t you get the xml format when accessing http://your_ip/rest/items/item_name ?

You basically get all the info for the item: name, state, etc.

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Yes it’s ok, I can see my items name but not widget item name from sitemap.
What I want is the name which is display when you use the web interface.
I try to list with rest over sitemaps but it’s too hard for me to have a result as I use groups frames etc …

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Do you mean the label in the sitemap items?

Yes I think it’s that.

At this time there is no way to get the label for the Item through the API. I think I remember seeing a new label or getLabel method on an Item so this may be something that might be added in the future.

Ok so for the moment, I have to do my vocal system configuration by hand.

Rich, if you are interesting you can go there, it’s a french project which is very interesting and works very well.

With that, you can by natural vocals commands send order to your openhab and have a vocal confirmation.

It’s a kind of 'iron man’s Jarvis" !

And thank you for your answer.

It might be a little complicated, but I think you can parse the sitemaps files looking for label="" in element definitions. Just an ideea.


It’s funny I just think that, I will try to see if it is doable.

Thank you for your suggestion.