How can I open habpanel at startup for openhab 2

  • Platform information: openhabian
    • Hardware: pi-b2+
    • openHAB version: openhab2

I’ve configured habpanel, and I’m using a touch screen, How can I start the habPanel at start up as default and full screen mode?


you want to start a browser and load HabPanel in it on your openhabian machine?

as far as I know there i no X Server running on the standard openhabian image.

assuming you have a machine running with X you could use something like this:

nohup chromium-browser --app=http://<<ip_of_openhab_machine>>:8080/habpanel/#/ --start-fullscreen --hide-scrollbar &

most likely you have to export your DISPLAY variable before, like

export DISPLAY=:0.0

if you add both lines two a small bash script, make it executable and autostart it I guess you get what you want.


yes that is exactly what I want to accomplish here

cool, than above mentioned should do the trick.
you have to install an XServer on you machine and you can start a browser via autostart.

A Pi2 is already underpowered. Adding an xserver will make performance even worse.

that is of course true, that won’t be enough for any serious usage.
however for a proof of concept and/or playing around it might be ok, although it won’t make any fun to work with it :slight_smile:

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So, what do you suggest guys, I need to make this work
pi+openhab+habpanel+touch lcd

I suggest looking in a Raspberry Pi forum for their expert advice since you did not like the solution presented in post 2 here. Once you get a browser running at startup, then you can return here for openHAB specific advice.