How can i read out a XML File?

Since I can no longer access my OW server via binding with my switch to OH3, I am looking for a solution via XPath.

The XML file looks like this:

First I created the thing (code):

Then I created the itmen with the XPath:

I checked the path with an “XPath Tester”. That would work …
What am I doing wrong? The path to the file fits, only the variable is not read … I cannot find an entry in the log file.

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Start simple.
With no profile applied, link your channel to a String type Item. Do you get the XML you expected?
Now use a rule with transform() to play with your XPATH parameters, where it is easier to fiddle about and see results.

Pay special attention to namespaces

Once you’ve worked out XPATH, I’d use it in the HTTP channel, not as a profile.

If you use a number type channel, this will allow you to specify a unit like “°C” to your numeric value, to make it into something more suitable to update a Number:Temperature with.

I am one step further now. XPath works with a “full qualified path” for sensors that have a unique name such as “owd_EDS0068”.

Example: “/ * [name () = ‘Devices-Detail-Response’] / * [name () = ‘owd_EDS0068’] / * [name () = ‘Humidex’] / text ()” → works

The problem is that all other participants always have the name “owd_DS18S20”. I can only differentiate between them using the “ROMId”. Who knows how to integrate the “ROMId” attribute into the query?