How can I remove device from Z-Stick which I do not have anymore?

I am using AEOTEC Gen5+ stick on Openhab 3.4.1. The stick has two devices included which I do not own any more or I cannot find :slight_smile: The binding is trying to ping those which end up in message timeouts. Is there a way to clean up my stick without having the devices and without resetting the stick?

Have a look at [SOLVED] Unresponsive Z-Wave Network: Tools and Approaches to track down the issues where I put together how to deal with that and other challenges.

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Thanks. Actually I made them working again by exclude and include all my motion sensors and removed them with the Z-Wave development kit as described here.
The important thing to mention is that after you created the account and installed the SDK you need to make sure when installing the additional tools which include the ZWave SDK that you are logged into your account. Otherwise, a bunch of tools are being installed apart from the ZWave SDK.