How can I upgrade or downgrade existing openhabian?

Hello everyone,

Is there some guideline to upgrade openhabian from 3.3 to 3.4 milestone?
If I think that the latest version is unstable, can I / how can I downgrade it?


Based on the version numbers I think you would like to upgrade/downgrade OH - not openhabian.
openhabian is the name of the image / OS OH runs under.
You need to run openhabian-config menu entry 41 to switch between OH release trees ( stable aka release, testing aka milestone, unstable aka snapshot ).
You can change between these trees but OH does not support downgrades with regard to it’s data/configuration files. That means even if the software itself is downgraded the configuration files like the json db will not be downgraded. This could lead to problems esp. in cases for breaking changes between releases. So in case you want to downgrade be prepared for this kind of problems.

@Wolfgang_S Thanks your reply. I found it now.

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