How can we implement a system like tuya using openHAB


How can we implement a system like tuya using openHAB.

If I’m not mistaken Tuya ZigBee devices are supported by deconz.

I’m considering writing a native tuya binding soon. Just finishing off Sonoff first


I use this for my tuya switch

There are some tutorials also in this community for this

sounds great. Will you support also “Smart Life”?

Thanks for the reply,
I think you did not understand my problem, What I suppose to ask you is not about integrating tuya with openhab .It’s about creating a system which a backend and its own database and application.In that, a user can auto-detect the devices and config the openhab add-on from his configuration remotely using REST API without the UI/file Based.

What devices? Can you give an example of some device that you expect to be “autodetected” but was not?

knx supported devices

You might be interested in-

I think the misunderstanding is the integration direction. He wants do integrate openHAB as a device in Tuya (similar to Homekit or Alexa), not Tuya devices into openHAB.

Dave, man, you are like a rock star!

hope so…

Aaaah… Why would one want to do that? :thinking:

Smart Life is Tuya. More specifically, it’s the basic version of Tuya’s app. Companies who rebrand Tuya products can also make their own versions (with branding), and Tuya devices will be able to use either one (though they have to be registered separately).

Actually, any Tuya device can be used with any Tuya app. I’ve been using the Brilliant app, because they have IFTTT integration and I can trigger my ceiling light with webhooks).

To be fair to the others, your original post was very open-ended. :wink:

My interpretation is that you want to be able to auto-configure devices through an openHAB mobile app (since you mention the REST API). But you have to consider how difficult that would be, since openHAB can tie together a huge range of technologies…none of which have been purpose-built to work with it.

Tuya is a closed ecosystem with devices that are built specifically to function with their app, as is the case with Belkin Wemo, TP-Link Kasa, Amazon, Google, and other manufacturers. They’re easier to get running, but far more limited as a result. I would argue that many people (myself included) come to openHAB specifically because they don’t want those limitations.

Apologies if I’m also misinterpreting your question, but if I’m reading you correctly then I don’t imagine openHAB going in this direction.


Thanks for the reply. Actually, I know that openHAB doesn’t have POST/PUT Rest Apis for the configuration but I’m just eager to know that any small possibility available for my question.

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