How could i control it with my voice?

Dear All!

I have a working alexa configuration with some sensors integrated to openhab2. (alexa binding v2 or v3 version)
But how can i turn on off this airconditional (controlled via broadcom mini r3)?
This is a working solution with a switch below:

Thing exec:command:switchairon [ command="/usr/bin/python /opt/rm3_mini_controller/ -c ParentAirOn", interval=0, autorun=false ]

String BedroomAirConditional “Bedroom Air Conditional” { channel=“broadlink:rm3:348d2600:command”}

Switch item=BedroomAirConditional label=“Parents AirCond” mappings=[ParentAirOn=“On”, ParentAirOff=“Off”]

Thank you in advance!

I think you have to use a Switch Item instead of a String Item. Then tag the Item with [ “Switchable” ] (I think that’s the one for Alexa). Then Alexa will send ON and OFF to that Item. You may have to use a Design Pattern: Proxy Item to convert the ON to “On” and OFF to “Off” that the String Item seems to require.

If this device is working with the Broadlink Binding, why do you need the Exec Binding Thing?


You are right, the thing is useless i deleted that.
I tried to do that with the proxy, but maybe im confused a bit:

String BedroomAirConditional "Bedroom Air Conditional" { channel="broadlink:rm3:348d2600:command"}
Switch ProxyBedroomAirConditional "Bedroom Air Conditional" ["Switchable"]


Frame label="Légkondik"{
                        Switch item=ProxyBedroomAirConditional label="Parents AirCond" mappings=[ParentAirOn="On", ParentAirOff="Off"]


rule "Turn OnOff Bedroom Air Conditional"
   Item ProxyBedroomAirConditional received command
   if (receivedCommand == ParentAirOn) {
   else {

Have a nice weekend

Ok is the item switching from the openhab sitemap?
I will assume it does

Check logs to see if you are getting an on and off command when you change the aircon.

rule "Turn On and Off Parent Air Conditioner"
   Item ProxyBedroomAirConditional received command
        if(ProxyBedroomAirConditional == ON) BedroomAirConditional.sendCommand(ParentAirOn)
        else BedroomAirConditional.sendCommand(ParentAirOff)

Hi James!

Unfortunately, the error in the log is the same as with the previous config (i forgot to attach the log yesterday). The error:
2019-07-13 07:33:46.657 [WARN ] [rest.core.internal.item.ItemResource] - Received HTTP POST request at ‘items/ProxyBedroomAirConditional’ with an invalid status value ‘ParentAirOn’.
2019-07-13 07:33:47.794 [WARN ] [rest.core.internal.item.ItemResource] - Received HTTP POST request at ‘items/ProxyBedroomAirConditional’ with an invalid status value ‘ParentAirOff’.

I did it. Later i will post the config. Thank you!